All that is gold DOES glitter !!!

Inspired by the other talented IKEA hackers out there, I decided to try out my first project. I had been looking for a pair of  gold coffee tables for the living room for a while now and hadn’t quite found what I wanted at the price I wanted.  I started off with the IKEA VITTSJO coffee table and some gold paint ………. The stuff is toxic but oh so pretty..


Not quite the finished product as I’m still looking for some cheap scrap pieces of white marble that I can add as a bottom shelf. But overall very happy with the end result.


3 thoughts on “All that is gold DOES glitter !!!

  1. What is the name and color of your paint? I tried some painting at home and the color was not right. I love the gold you have here!

    • Hi Nichole, thanks. Originally I painted the tables the Rust-Oleum pure gold metallic paint and primer spray paint. I found they had a bit of a green tinge to them so recently I re-painted them with Ralph Lauren gold base metallic paint. I prefer that color as well.

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